Brouwerij De Molen – Vuur & Vlam IPA 6.2%


The First Brouwerij De Molen beer I ever had was Rasputin, a 10.4% Russian Imperial Stout and by god it got the job done. It was extremely cheap for a Russian Imperial Stout (thos were the days) and it taught me the Dutch can do more than produce their finest Ruud Gullit. Picking up my monthly stache, it was hard to resist it’s charms pulling me in for another go.


Slow pouring has been my thing recently as i’ve had quite a few gusher mishaps (and an equally raging misses as i’ve marked her carpets,whoops!) it pours a foggy caramel colour with a prominent white silky head. The head is so thick it looks like it will stay around until you get to the bottom of the glass. On the nose I get a belgiany type yeasty character and fusil alcohols which is strange for a beer at 6.2%. It is not unpleasent, it justmakes you step back as it seems like it should be stronger. You get creamy caramel, tons of Orange peel, Biscuity/Bready malts and a Piney tail all combined into a lovely package. Going by the smell this should be a big bad boy!


As expected this is full bodied, malty hop bomb. There is a lot of hop oil coating you mouth to give you a very rich IPA. Orange dominates before the Caramel & Honey kicks in. The carbonation is spot on, a lot of IPAS tend to overdo the carbonation which in my opinion distracts from the flavours. Towards the end you get the Piney bitterness associated with good American IPAs which is not overpowering but it drys you out
enough to want to dive in for another mouthful


Well Brouwerij De Molen are a class in their own, their beers are exceptional and this beer is no different.I would love to try the kegged version of this beer (if it exists) or possibly take a trip to their brew house to taste in what I can only assume is tranquill surroundings. They remind me of belgian beers in their craftmanship of beers. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

8 Hops



Reviewed by CD


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