Red Star Brewery – Formby IPA 4.0%


Red Star Brewery – Formby IPA 4.0%

On our way down to merry old Cardiff to the Not So Tiny Beer Festival, we stopped by to check out the cheeky chappy’s at Red Star Brewery. Ian and Glen treated ua to a few beers they were rustling up, still in their infancy, we were not able to get the final product until this week when they sent us up a beery care package to try out the finished product. First up is their Formby IPA, a 4% session pale ale.


The beer is very light and effervescent, a nice stream of carbonation settles to a 1 finger cloudy white head. On the nose it is a very malty beer, lots of caramel, floral, and nice touch of grassy notes from the hops that push its way to the front. This beer reminds me a lot of Caledonians Deuchars IPA.


The beer is super clean. The caramel malt fronts this beer and the hops are bitter enough to balance it out. I think it would work very well on cask as it is a traditional ale with a modern twist. It is piney, floral and sweet from the caramel malts.


Nowhere on the bottle does it mention craft beer, and that is what should expect. The beer needs a few tweeks here and there to balance out the flavour, but this pint would do very well along side a Sunday roast and I think that’s what the guys had in mind when they made this beer. It has a mass appeal that would work well in a Wetherspoons, if they keep to this style I can see them being in a chain bar very shortly. It is a classic British Indian Pale Ale, it is everything you should expect from a traditional Indian Pale Ale. If CAMRA get their hands on this one, I expect a few awards to be placed upon them, and rightly so! Just remember your old pals at The Hoppy Craft when you get to the top boys. Cheers!

5 Half Hops



Reviewed by CD


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