Vocation Brewery – Heart and Soul Session IPA 4.4%


Vocation Brewery – Heart and Soul Session IPA 4.4%

Vocation Brewery are a brand new microbrewery set in the heart of West Yorkshire. They were not a brewery previously known to me but I was quite excited by the sound of this beer. I received a beer box from Beer 52 with a deal of 10 beers for £14; I was half expecting 12 cans of fosters in the box for that price but this had some interesting beers and little gems packed inside.


I cracked open the can and was immediately emerged in a cloud of sweet pineapple, mango, passion fruit and tangerines. The aroma was incredible, even at 3 feet away. I poured it into the glass and had to stop quite quickly as it was gushing over the sides. Once it settled down, it had a striking 3 finger, tightly packed, frothy white head and was completely crystal clear. It had an amazing smell of fresh hops and juicy fruits that you would almost think it were a day old (the beer is 3 months old).


I have never tasted a beer so fresh before. It had a very piney quality to it and a lot of resin-y bitterness and lots of hop oil had been contained within the can. This beer reminded me of those fruit salad sweets you had as a kid; lots of sweet pineapple, mango, lemon peel and tangerines. The bitterness dragged itself out all the way through and this balanced the beer out amazingly well.


Stop whatever you are doing and buy this drink! It has been a while since I have been this overwhelmed by a drink. The beer tasted stupidly fresh and I will be placing an order directly with the brewery to get some more of their beers to show off to friends as this beer was just ridiculously good. I hope to see them around the UK in local bottle shops. If you can pick this up then please do, as I can guarantee you will be as impressed as I am.

9 Hops



Reviewed by CD


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