Natural Selection Brewing – Bitter Descent 5.1% English Style Bitter


Natural Selection Brewing – Bitter Descent 5.1% English Style Bitter

I have been looking forward to this year’s release by Natural Selection, myself and my other compadre’s enjoyed last years release “Mutany on the Beagle” so much that we nearly drank the pub dry! Natural Selection are a brewery comprised of Edinburgh’s very own Heriot Watt university’s brewing and distilling students, there is always a lot of thought that goes into their release and this year seems no different. The can stands out like a siren on the shelf!

Smell/ Nose

The pour produced absolutely no head, I poured the can aggressively half way through to try force a head to form. It does look quite well carbonated, when you hold it to the light you can see a lot of tiny bubbles jetting to the top. It is a deep burnt orange and is filtered extremely well. It smells of sticky sweet biscuity malts, lots of ripe juicy orange, mango, plums and has a slight earthy piney dankyness that lingers about.


Well it certainly is carbonated! It is full bodied with a great pop of hops at the front, the hops taste super fresh and gives the beer a nice earthy feel. It has a immeasurable amount of tropical fruits and nice sweet stickiness from toffee and caramel, It ends nicely with a floral bitter finish leaving you wanting a hell of a lot more!


Was this beer worth the wait then? Your damn right it was! It gives me great pleasure knowing these talent students will be out there creating their own products or adding their twist onto already established breweries. This is quite a unique beer in its own right but I am struggling to place it amongst bitters. If is more a British pale ale with an American hop twist. They could call it a Monkey stout for all I care! this is one damn fine beer.

8 Hops



Reviewed by CD


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