Brew By Numbers – 11|04 4.1% ABV


Brew By Numbers – 11|04 4.1% ABV

Having both of us taken a bit of a break in recent months with holidays, new jobs, and what not, I finally decided to get back to business and do what we at thehoppycraft do best: review great beers!

Having tried some other beers by London towns’ very own experimental numerical brewing goliaths, Brew By Numbers (BBNo), I was always fascinated by the simple number formula they used for the beers and the staggering amount of possible combinations. Confused? Don’t be it’s actually more simple that you think. The first two digits, in this case 11, indicate the style of beer (Session IPA) and the second two digits, 04, are indicative of the recipe used to brew the beer (Chinook & Amarillo). Put the two together and you get, drumroll please…a session IPA brewed with Chinook & Amarillo hops or as Brew By Numbers call it 11|04.

Coming in a standard 330ml bottle and sporting a distinctive minimalistic black text on brown paper label, the style gives the bottle an eye catching homemade DIY type vibe. This is rustic, appealing and consistent across the range so it makes spotting bottles by BBNo quite easy.

Still with me? Good, let’s crack this bad boy open!


The beer has a lively, bustling, hazy orange pour which forms a light off white 2 finger head which didn’t last very long at all. Minimal lacing followed as I had anticipated from the head and very fine carbonation.

The beer has a pleasant, sweet floral like smell with grapefruit, bitter orange, and peach the predominant notes on the nose. Despite packing two different varieties of hops the beer is not spectacularly hoppy on the nose for an IPA.

There is also a distinctive wheat beer like note to this beer, not quite as sharp, potent or distinctive as a standard wheat beer but it’s defiantly lurking and pops up from time to time. This really makes my nose happy, no doubt akin to the Munich malts used in the brew.


The grapefruit from the nose really comes through on the pallet with bitter citrus coming off the Amarillo hops adding a lovely tartness and depth to the taste. Notes of pine also pop up and add to the interesting bitter sweetness of the beer. For an IPA, the beer is not particularly hoppy or bitter. The light malty aftertaste that comes through, combined with the bitter citrus, is a real delight on the pallet. The finish of the beer is dry, bitter and citrusy with enjoyable notes of bitter orange really coming through.

The body of the beer is light and quite thin, as could be anticipated by a session IPA, and at 4.1% this is a beer you could happily sap on all day – think beer garden and think sunshine (I know it’s hard!)


Having taken so long to finally get back to writing a new review I’m certainly not disappointed by my choice. 11|04 is a fantastic session IPA with quite a lot going on; however, all the flavours are very much in balance and really enjoyable. This is a beer I have sat and enjoyed from start to finish and it seems to tread the line between IPA and APA like a boss.

I could have definitely been doing with a few cold ones of these in the few days of the great British summer we managed to see!

7 Half Hops



Reviewed by LB


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