Tiny Rebel – Dirty Stop Out Smoked Oat Stout 5% ABV

Tiny Rebel – Dirty Stop Out Smoked Oat Stout 5% ABV

Tiny Rebel - Dirty Stop Out

I have a great love for Tiny Rebel, that is no military grade secret! We all will have a brewery that just seems like home. The amazing thing about beer is it can remind us of great times, fond memories and times when you can toast good health but also bring you back to the bad and dark times in your life when it is there as a comfort, Tiny Rebel is just the brewery for me


It pours a deep brown colour with a slight red hue, it slides out the bottle like melted butter. It is highly carbonated, I had to give it a rest after pouring just over half into the glass as I nearly had overspillage, the carbonation folded on itself quite quickly though and settled to a 2 finger beige head. It has a well rounded stickiness that is very much associated with oatmeal stouts. You get a lot of Coffee, Chocolate, Oatmeal, a small amount of liquorice and sticky toffee pudding that all combine to make a complex smelling stout.


It has a mouth feel that resembles a lot like Guinness, it is very sticky with coffee, smokey oaks, dark chocolate, sticky toffee pudding and a bitter oatmeal backbone throughout it all. It has medium carbonation that lingers a long time giving you back way alley tongue massage, all for the right price 😉


I haven’t had a lot of oatmeal stouts as I have been pretty disappointed with them, until Dirty Stop Out was introduced to me. I have tried both bottle and kegged versions of this beer, it does sing and dance a lot more from the keg but the bottled version is not something you will be disappointed by. Keep an eye out for Tiny Rebel near you as the pop up randomly in bars and disappear just as quick.

7 Half Hops



Reviewed by CD


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