Tempest – Armadillo Pale Ale 3.6% ABV


Tempest – Armadillo Pale Ale 3.6% ABV

All the beers I have tasted from Tempest are super cheap, easily available and very drinkable. After winning the Aldi stores Scottish Beer Festival in May, they have drawn up a deal to deliver their Long White Cloud and this beer all year round. Let’s hope the rest of their lineup get released to Aldi and very lucky customers.


I gave this beer a nice easy pour as I was expecting a epic amount of carbonation, but soon realized half way through that I was going to have to throw the rest in to develop some sort of head. It settled into a snow white 1 finger head and that didn’t stick around long their. The beer on the pour was very thick glowed an orange marmalade colour. The nose reminds me a lot of ruinations malt bill. Loads of big pungent sweet juicy orange, mango, pineapple and a surprisingly a lot of pine needle. Smells very sticky and gorgeous.


As soon as your mouth takes a gulp, your taste buds are flooded with bitterness and earthy pine. It backs off towards the middle to release a tropical whirlwind of orange, grapefruit, lemon and trails off towards a dank earthy hoppy finally. It is certainly a powerful beer at 3.8% and could be mistaken for a beer at 6%.


What Tempest have done is create a gorgeous session pale ale that would not look out of place against the greatest of the American pale ales. How the can create such a flavoursome beer at £1.50 per 330ml bottle is mind boggling to me, but it definitely shows that you do not have to pay to get expertly crafted beers. Congratulations Tempest and I look forward to drinking more of your creations.

8 Hops



Reviewed by CD


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