Brouwerij De Kazematten – The Wipers Times 14 Belgian Ale 6.2% ABV

Kazematten - The Wiper Times

Brouwerij De Kazematten – The Wipers Times 14 Belgian Ale 6.2% ABV

Such a strange little beer, very much a homebrew feel about it and little information on the label, I certainly enjoy these mysterious beers, they keep my mind open to new things and make sure I research into what I am drinking. This beer is a tribute to a newspaper called “The Wiper Times” which was made for and by British Soldiers back in WW1, it was full of jokes, poetry and of course news to keep moral high. The full story of this beer can be found here


It poured wild and free, carbonation letting rip till there was more foam than beer. Golden in colour and a truly blinding white head (4 fingers to be exact). The room filled with a wheat beer aroma, bready dough, sour lemon tart, coriander and freshly cut grass. Unfortunately wheat beers are not my thing but I will carry on regardless.


Almost a hybrid between a sour beer and a wheat beer. A lot of citrus backing and sour dough. Coriander shines through in the middle with sweetness from lemon sherbet. For being a 6% ABV beer it is very overly alcoholic tasting. I expect people who are into their sour/wheat beers will find this outstanding.


I am nor a fan of wheat beer or sour beers so it is very hard to determine if this will be a beer that people will like from this category, I certainly didn’t enjoy it but I could see why others could. Out of respect for the brewers I will give this beer the only score I can give a beer that I can’t appreciate.

5 Hops



Reviewed by CD


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