Nøgne Ø – Russian Imperial Stout 9% ABV

Oi - Imperial Stout

Nøgne Ø – Russian Imperial Stout 9% ABV

Nøgne Ø are Norway’s front runner when it comes to making and supplying craft beer in that area, with their sleek big Ø as a trademark and their handsome 500ml bottles giving a generous supply of initiative beer, I was hard pressed to let this beer slip out my hands.

Pour Nose

Ink black, pours like treacle, this is a very malty beer with a 3 finger creamy dark latte head. The aroma just flys out the glass and has a port like smell about it. Dark chocolate, burnt coffee, dates, blackcurrant, loads of dark malts and sherry glazed cherrys are very strong throughout. I had to pull away from the glass after my first sniff as it was so pungent. Smells gorgeous and has to be respected.


In the initial taste you get brandy soaked dates, sweet caramel and raisins that bring out a nice malty sweetness usually missing from Imperial Stouts, Bitter burnt coffee, dark chocolate and sticky christmas pudding push there way through a already full packed dominant beer, towards the end the bitterness lingers to really mess with your senses. It is very thick and sticky, definitely a bottle to share around!


I’ve got a few friends who are into their spirits but not so much their beers, this is one I will be putting in front of them as a gateway beer. I suspect this beer will age very well over time and could be left in your beer cellar to enjoy with friends over the festive season. This is one of the strongest tasting Russian Imperial Stouts I ever tried. It would go very well putting some over some Vanilla ice cream as a sauce. Yes it is that thick! It won’t be for everyone but there’s no denying it is of amazing quality.

8 Half Hops



Reviewed by CD


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