Brouwerij De Molen – Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout 10.4% ABV

Brouwerjdemol - Rasputin

Brouwerij De Molen – Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout 10.4% ABV

It is always interesting and quite exciting to get your hands on a hard to find or limited edition beer, when the label suggest less than 200 bottles in production at time, er more so! this little gem was found on and I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle to try. Russian imperial stouts are bit like Marmite for me, I will either love or hate it so without further adieu,lets crack it open.


Pure black tar like liquid is poured and much like a black hole, no light can escape from it. I poured it aggressively down the center of the glass to try get a head on it but it was a battle I was always going to lose. What was left behind is a thin lcey cappuccino head and silky velvet beer. It has an massive malty character with chocolate,alcohol soaked raisins, burnt ash, plum, coffee, decent but a little confused


There is 3 layers to this beer, the start is malty chocolate, coffee, figs and caramel, middle of the mouth you get the alcohol, a bit like eating a alcoholic pudding, raisins, plum and burnt brown sugar. The end is like a mouthful of burnt ash and earth. Overall very interesting and delicious.


This ale would compliment a roasted fire with a selection of cheese to pair well with. Definately a conversation starter and if you drink too many, a finisher. Now I would only recommend this ale to people who are into their spirits also as this could be a bit daunting for people new into the craft beer world as it is very spirit like. Enjoy this with friends, talk about what you taste and make sure you have a good seat for the night as it may well be where you will be staying all night.

7 Half Hops



Reviewed by CD


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